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Reason behind resignations in Telangana….?

Reason behind resignations in Telangana….?

Since the day agitations started in Telangana for Statehood, T-Congress MLA’s were always targeted to resign or to pressurize UPA Government to take decision in favor of Telangana, but they never responded to allegations made by either TRS or TDP leaders. But what happened suddenly, why T-Congress leaders have taken decision to resign in support of Telangana and why T-Congress leaders are pressurizing Congress High-Command to start negotiations and work on consensus for giving Statehood to Telangana.
Initially questions rose against T-Congress leader’s faithfulness, as they always fight for ministry positions rather than people’s problems. Few of them were even unhappy with portfolios assigned.
Surprised to decision taken by T-Congress leaders, opposition TDP party MLA’s submitted resignations on July 4th, few hours earlier than T-Congress Leaders, and then resignations saga continued even in other parties of the region. Initially, few analysts quoted, chances of creating instability in AP state government lost with resignations of TDP MLA’s, otherwise Congress Leadership, which is running UPA Coalition government, could have started negotiations with T-Congress Leaders in giving Statehood to Telangana region. Whether this happened accidentally or is a tactic by Mr. Chandrababu Naidu, president of Telugu Desam Party, who is not in favor of separate Telangana.
On the other hand YSR Congress Party may disclose its stand towards Telangana, in its plenary meeting on July 8th, 2011. Many analysts expressed their views, saying YSR Congress Party may stand with people of Telangana to get hold in the region. Many are saying feared to this untaken future decision of YSR Congress Party, T-Congress leaders acted in advance. Other reason may be to hijack popularity and credibility of KCR and TRS party in Telangana, to get lead in forthcoming Local body elections.
Whether this decision of T-Congress leaders brings Statehood to Telangana or struggle for Telangana Statehood still continues….we have to wait n watch…

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