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Really mega event

Really mega event Around twenty trains will be coming from different corners of the state; more than two thousand buses are hired from several depots of Chittore district; all rooms in all lodges are booked; expected crowed may cross ten lakhs; arrangement work has been entrusted to a Bangalore based event management group; Retired senior police officer Anjaneya Reddy is personally supervising security arrangements. More than ten thousand voluntaries will take part to discipline the crowed on 26th and now they are undergoing training.

Every day 70tracotrs, 30tippers,16 jcbs and 700 workers are working day in day out to complete all the works by 25th it self.

Chiru’ mentor cum brother in law Allu Aravind and another relative N.V.Prasad personally supervising arrangement.

The Chiru’ first political public meeting going to be a mega event in his life and a section of the media also giving wide coverage to the event.

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