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Rail Budget: Rail fares increased after 9 years

Rail Budget: Rail fares increased after 9 years

The Union Railways Minister Dinesh Trivedi on Wednesday presented the Railway Budget which proposed marginal hike in passenger fares ranging from 2 paisa per kilometre to 30 paisa per kilometre in various categories of trains.

Platform tickets have also been raised from Rs 3 to Rs 5. The budget proposes increase in passenger fares by 2 paise per km for suburban and ordinary second class, 3 paise per km for mail/express second class and 5 per paise per km for sleeper class, 10 paise per km for AC chair car, AC-3 tier and first class. AC-2 Tier will cost more by 15 paise per km while AC-1 will be dearer by 30 paise per km.

He also announced introduction of 75 express trains, 21 passenger trains and extension of 39 trains besides increase in the frequency of 23 trains.

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