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Rahul Gandhi to meet Anna Hazare’s aides

Rahul Gandhi to meet Anna Hazare’s aides

Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi is scheduled to hold discussions with the aides of Anna Hazare on October 18 on Jan Lok Pal bill as well as development works and watershed development projects in Hazare’s village Ralegan Siddhi in Maharashtra.

A three-member delegation including the village sarpanch Jaisingh Rao Mapari, Hazare’s personal secretary Suresh Pathare and Ramdas Ugale, the director of Yadavbaba Vidyalaya, have left for New Delhi for the meeting with Rahul Gandhi. The delegation will also inform Rahul Gandhi how their village Ralegan Siddhi has become self-sufficient and now considered an ideal village.

In the wake of his representatives meeting with Rahul Gandhi, Anna has put off his proposed tour of Uttar Pradesh.

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