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Rahul Gandhi’s friend is his advisor too

Rahul Gandhi’s friend is his advisor tooWho is guiding Rahul Gandhi on important issue either domestic or international?

Rahul Gandhi, the scion of Nehru family, has a team of advisors who appraise him on every issue that plagues the party and nation, even his present trips to backward areas and staying during nights in dalit’ families of the smaller villages are part of their strategy.

It is learnt Kanishk, a family member of Rajasthan governor Shalendra Kumar Singh (Singh is a former IFS officer), is very important figure in his team of advisors. Kanishk got touch with Rahul Gandhi during their campus days in Europe since then there is let up in their relation and he follows wherever Rahul Gandhi goes. Sensing the influence he has on Rahul Gandhi many politicians are trying to win over him to get close to the PM in waiting if Congress voted in.

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