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PRP seniors; a disappointed lot.

PRP seniors; a disappointed lot

PRP seniors; a disappointed lot

Many of the leaders who have joined Chiru camp leaving their parent parties, particularly TDP, are, it is heard, not happy with the way things are moving in the PRP. A lot of crucial decisions are taken at the gathering of the clan rather than consulting newly admitted seniors. Even much touted hardcore supporter Harirama Jogaiah is not put a word before embarking on Sircilla consolatory visit.

Some reasons heard at party for not giving much leeway to these migrants are Chiru is not sole decision maker and he is guided and directed by oligarchy of family and friends, more over they want to prove right from the word go that it is near and dear not migrants or seniors who run the party despite Chiru’ public huggings and eulogies of them.

If rumors are to be true a lot of newly admitted leaders openly expressing displeasure over these developments and even contemplating shifting to the other party.

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