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Priyanka to Divorce Vadhra?

Priyanka to divorce Vadhra?

India’s all powerful first family Sonia Gandhi’s daughter Priyanka Gandhi is in news this time since for long she is staying with her mother Sonia. Buzz in Delhi Political circles is Priyanka is not happy with the ways of Robert Vadhra and so is staying in Sonia’s 10 Janpath.
Recently Arvind Kejrival disclosed various activities of Vadhra in land dealings and other things and the buzz is from then on there have been heated arguments between the two. Some say situation reached such a point that both of them may even get seperated. Even Sonia and Rahul are upset at the developments and are trying their best to solve the issue amicably.

Sources say Sonia took every step so that Vadhra and his family will not misappropriate the power and authority that comes with by marrying Priyanka. FOr some time though Vadra lived according to Sonia’s wishes he later started misusing power and this started worrying Sonia. It has to be seen where all this will lead to.

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