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Police seize Rs 5 cr from Bellary lorry

Police seize Rs 5 cr from Bellary lorry

Five crore rupees has been seized by the Anantapur police from a lorry near Guntakal in Andhra Pradesh. Two special police teams were posted in the Guntakal and Uravakonda areas.as the CBI had alerted the local police to keep a watch on vehicles from Ballary and that money from the OMC could be shifted to various locations.

The driver reportedly stated that the money belonged to Obulapuram Mining Corporation Managing Director B.V. Srinivas Reddy who is now in the custody of the Central Bureau of Investigation at Hyderabad.

Meanwhile, the CBI officials in Hyderabad questioned G. Somasekhar Reddy, brother of Gali Janardhana Reddy; and Tappal Ganesh, the original complainant in the illegal mining episode,

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