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PM under the purview of Lokpal?

PM under the purview of Lokpal?

The post of Prime Minister may be brought under the purview of Lokpal with the condition that the enquiry on PM can be conducted only after he/she demits office. Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee was quoted as saying that so long as the PM holds the office, any inquiry should be suspended and the Lokpal may keep the matter of inquiry with himself.

The possibility of such a formulation making its way to the draft bill became stronger when the government nominees in the joint drafting committee sent feelers in this regard to Anna Hazare team.

The new formulation is in tune with that of the suggestion made by Constitution Review Commission, set up during NDA government, and the Administrative Reforms Commission.

It is expected that the joint drafting committee is likely to finalise the draft bill on Lokpal which will then be examined by the central cabinet. The draft bill will also be discussed by UPA before its introduction in Parliament.

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