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PM to address nation on RTE

PM to address nation on RTE

The Right to Education (RtE) Act comes into effect on April 1. In an unprecedented move, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh will address the nation on the historic RtE Act on that day. RtE is the new fundamental right incorporated in the Constitution of India through the 86th Amendment in 2002 by inserting Article 21A in the Constitution.

It is for the first time in independent India that any PM will address the nation on a specific law. It is understood that the HRD minister Kapil Sibal had met the PM and requested him to address the nation on the historic law and the PM has obliged.

More importantly, the Prime Minister’s decision to speak to a country-wide audience on RtE comes a day after the setting up of the National Advisory Council under the chair-person-ship of Sonia Gandhi.

Meanwhile, HRD ministry has put in place all the necessary legal requirements needed under the RTE Act. The model rules have been sent to the state governments while central rules for Union Territories without assemblies. Many state governments have also begun the process of adapting/adopting model rules as state rules.

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