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Parliament meets today to seek trust vote

Parliament meets today to seek trust vote The Parliament meets today and the Prime Minister will introduce a one line motion seeking the confidence of the House in the council of ministers. He will also deliver a speech on the benefits of the Indo-US Deal and the circumstances leading to the trust vote. Leaders of all parties are given an opportunity to speak for or against yhe motion. The vote takes place on July 22.

In the countdown to the trust vote, MPs broke ranks on a Sunday and the UPA Government appeared to be inching towards the numbers required with the support from the five member JMM group. The Congress managers were able to persuade one MP each from BJP and JD(U) as well as two independents to announce their support to the Government.

Deve Gowda’s JD(S) and Ajit Singh’s RLD having three members each pledged to vote against the confidence motion.

Government’s tally tonight stood at 266 pledged votes while 265 were ranged against it. Arithmetically the Government will need the support of 271 MPs but this figure could be reduced if some MPs from the opposition camp abstain as is widely speculated.

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