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Pak coalition government in turmoil

Pakistan Muslim League Chief and the former Pakistan prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, on Monday parted ways with the coalition government led by the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) after the failure of the parties’ talks to reinstate the sacked judges of the superior courts. His party will, however, not sit on the Opposition benches for the time being and will extend support to the government on the basis of issues.

Earlier, the PML-N’s central working committee held a meeting to discuss the “failed talks” on the judges’ issue between Sharif and PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari in London. The PPP and the PML(N) had committed in the Murree Declaration to reinstate the deposed judges to the November 2, 2007 position by passing a resolution in Parliament within 30 days of coming to power.

The judges, including Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, were sacked by President Pervez Musharraf on November 3, 2007 when he imposed emergency rule in the country. The PML(N) chief was of the view that the country’s problems could not be solved without an independent judiciary. He vowed to continue the struggle for restoration of the judiciary along with the lawyers’ community, civil society and the people.
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