Osmania University Students Celebrate Devender Goud Resignation

Following the resignation of the Tulla Devender Goud to Telugu Desam party. Once again it is in the midst of political controversy since KCR’ exist half a decade back. many of the political analysts are of the view that it is going to harm the prospects of Telugu Desam in Telengana in the days to come , but a section of the politicos opposing this and firms rubbing it say it is just hypothetical.

If reports emanating from different corners are to be believed the youth wings of TRS are very active in inviting his exit from Telugu Desam. A festive mood prevailed in the campuses of the two major universities in the region i.e Kakatiya and Osmania and many students and faculty members took out processions in support of Devender Goud. They expressed their joy by bursting crackers and sloganeering.

2 Responses to “Osmania University Students Celebrate Devender Goud Resignation”

  1. sudhakar says:


    I really appreciate Devender for his brave decision

    All the best for his goal….

  2. kalakonda family says:


    Babu may fool the people but not his own coat.compare every comment of BABU right fr from the next day of YSRs swearing in even a fool react saying BABU look at your back and realise.There is no example BABU tried to real ise .His own troops were fooled does it sound BABUs cleverness no way time has come to correct his attitude hopefully otherwise he is not a maker but a joker.