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Obama’s iPod: 60s rock to rap to opera

Obama's iPod: 60s rock to rap to opera

Los Angeles, Sep 29 : US President Barack Obama may have brought a new generation to the highest echelons of power, but his iPod is dominated by rock and pop icons from the 1960s, Obama revealed in a Rolling Stone interview published Tuesday.

Obama, 49, said that the 2,000 titles on his digital music player veer toward classics from the likes of Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder and the Rolling Stones. But his personal aide, Reggie Love, had turned him onto rap artists like Lil Wayne and Nas.

Opera also features highly on his play list.

“There are days when Maria Callas is exactly what I need,” said Obama, who added that his iPod “is a source of great pleasure” and that the songs are “heavily weighted towards the music of my childhood”.

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