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Obama wants India to sign NPT

Obama wants India to sign NPTObama wants India to sign NPTA senior American envoy told an international conference on Tuesday that getting India to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) remains a fundamental objective of the United States government led by Barak Obama.

Signing the NPT would be tantamount to India giving up its nuclear weapons.
Though the Bush administration didn’t explicitly abandon universal adherence to the treaty as an objective, the demand was never made that India sign the NPT, at least not after the landmark July 2005 Indo-U.S. nuclear agreement.

Just prior to that, at the May 2005 Review Conference (RevCon) of state parties to the NPT, the U.S. said that it hoped countries still outside the purview of NPT would join the Treaty.

On May 5, US Assistant Secretary of State for verification, compliance and implementation, Rose Gottemoeller, went full tilt in her prepared statement for the NPT prepcom for the 2010 RevCon, not just naming India but equating its status with Pakistan, Israel and North Korea.

The central principle embodied in the July 2005 Indo-US Nuclear agreement was that India would indefinitely maintain unsafeguarded, non-civilian nuclear facilities.

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