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No Vote-No Right campaign by youth

No Vote-No Right has become the new slogan among the software engineers and students of engineering institutes.

Software engineers are busy sending mails and SMSes to their colleagues, friends and family members not to ignore the importance of elections.

The IndUS Entrepreneurs president, Mr J.A. Chowdary, who was instrumental to start the campaign, said thousands of IT professionals have come forward to join the movement. Other BPO and IT companies welcomed the move and asked all the staff to elect good leaders.

Engineering students have also welcomed the move. It is estimated that over 30 lakh youngsters are yet to be enrolled in the voters list. The election commission hopes that more voters would enroll themselves.

The AP chief electoral officer, Mr I.V. Subba Rao, while appreciating the Lets Vote campaign, said the EC has decided to extend the deadline for submitting registration forms to January 20, 2009. He said the facility will be extended for people submitting the forms through Lets Vote campaigners.

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