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No farmers, only Jagan activists at hunger camp: DL

No farmers, only Jagan activists at hunger camp: DL

Health and Medical Services Minister DL Ravindra Reddy who represents Mydhukoor constituency in Rayalaseema threw a gauntlet before Kadapa leader YS Jaganmohan Reddy for a show of strength in the state Assembly.

Referring to Mr Jaganmohan Reddy’s hunger strike camp, the Minister challenged the Jagan camp to exhibit his strength not on the banks of the Krishna river but on the floor of the House.

All those attending Jagan’s camp were his activists and not one farmers can be found there, the Minister alleged before media persons at the state Secretariat on Tuesday.

He made a sarcastic remark against the former MP indirectly, by saying that those who knew nothing about farmers’ penurious status or distressed condition had no right to comment on them.

Meanwhile, reports are coming in that the number of MLAs who had visited the hunger strike camp had crossed 24 and more than one and a half lakh people have converged on the banks of the river Krishna.

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