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NFNS forms People’s Tribunal on Telangana

NFNS forms People's Tribunal on Telangana

National Federation of New States (NFNS) convened by P Nirup Reddy, a Supreme Court lawyer from Sangareddy, set up a People’s Tribunal on Telangana that would be headed by a former Supreme Court judge, apprehending that the Srikrishna Committee might not recommend the formation of a separate Telangana state.

The tribunal will try to ascertain the wishes and aspiration of the people of the Telangana region seeking statehood. It will do so through public hearings in the 10 district headquarters of the region. It will also receive public opinion on the subject through SMS, internet and traditional modes.

The second objective of the tribunal would be to examine the constitutional and legal impediments, if any, in the process of setting up separate Telangana keeping in view its economic viability.

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