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New York Bomb Plot: Pakistan exposed

New York Bomb Plot: Pakistan exposed

After the sensational arrest of Pakistan-born-US-naturalized-citizen, Faisal Shahzad.

The US administration in Washington is finally starting to examine the Pakistan army-ISI nexus to terrorism following the discovery that failed New York Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad also belongs to an elite ‘fauji’/diplomatic family just like Mumbai carnage facilitators David Headley and Tawassur Rana.

According to US intelligence sources, Shahzad is the son of Air Vice Marshal (retd) Baharul Haq, who relinquished his services from the Pakistan Air Force in early 90’s and later was a senior official in the country’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Shahzad’s uncle Maj. Gen. Tajul Haq, is reported to have been inspector general of the Frontier Corps.

Headley-Gilani’s father was a civil service diplomat, while Rana came from a family of army officers, including brothers serving in the military. Both went to the elite Hasan Abdal Cadet College before migrating to the west.
Pakistan or Af-Pak is fast emerging as the hub of international terrorism with the single agenda of destruction.

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