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Nepal is now a democratic Republic

Nepal is now a democratic Republic The 601-member assembly of Nepal met at the Birendra International Convention Centre on Wednesday evening where a motion was passed to declare the country the world’s newest republic. The new constituent assembly abolished the 240-year-old monarchy and declared the country a secular, federal democratic republic.

After a series of meetings, the Seven Party Alliance agreed to table the motion of republic in the first meeting of the constituent assembly, dominated by Maoists. The motion to declare the country a republic was moved by Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitola on behalf of Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala. The motion was passed by 560 votes in favour while four members opposed it.

May 28 will be celebrated as the Republic Day of Nepal every year. There will be a president who will be the head of the state while the prime minister will be the executive head.

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