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MPs Insensitive To Rape Victims

Delhi Rape Case

When women race is bleeding after hearing the plight of the girl who was gang raped in Bus in Delhi, MPs showed their insensitivity over the whole issue. Except for token present of mere 27% many were enjoying their own comforts. Of those who were present just engaged themselves in mere retheoric since they know that issue would die down soon.

Women members in both Houses were in the forefront in expressing shock and anguish over the incident, voicing concern over the safety of the fair sex in Delhi. Cinestar- turned-MP Jaya Bachchan even broke down while speaking on the issue in the Upper House.
The Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha saw members of all parties speaking in unison and raising serious concern over repeated incidents of rape in the national capital, whose law and order comes directly under the Union Home Ministry. Many went to the extent of enacting law to ensure death penalty for the rapists to deter others from thinking about committing the heinious crime.

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