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Narsa Reddy Praises Nizam of Hyderabad’s Development

Hyderabad, Aug 10 (INN): Former PCC President P Narsa Reddy ridiculed the claim of Seemandhra leaders over the development of Hyderabad.

Talking to reporters at the Congress Legislature Party office here on Saturday, Narsa Reddy said that Hyderabad was the most developed city in the country when ertswhile Hyderabad State was merged with Indian Union. Praising the erstwhile ruler Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan, he said he developed Hyderabad in all aspects. Listing out various projects that were already in existence, he said Hyderabad had a strong industrial base much before the formation of Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad State had a full-fledged railway system, irrigation projects, public buildings, hospital, universities, underground drainage system and all other infrastructure.

Narsa Reddy said that the Seemandhra leaders were trying to stake claim for the achievements of Nizam. He said Hyderabad was the number one city before it became the capital of Andhra Pradesha and people from Seemandhra region damaged it by all means.

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