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Naidu tasting his own medicine

Naidu tasting his own medicineDespite media rhetoric, Telugu desam leaders’ chin up statements and Naidu ‘jollying up the cadre and leaders to stand should to shoulder with each other to come back to power the ground conditions are painting a very gloomy picture. The latest to turn his back on Naidu is Mulayam Singh. What is often said ‘’not to believe our eyes’’ proved to be true in case of UNPA , minutes before Mulayam’ announcement that nuclear deal is good for the nation and he had advice from none other than Abdul kalam in this regard ,they stood in front of cameras locking their hands.

Though Naidu’ men may say the incident brought Telugu desam on communists door step the time here in Hyderabad same day state communists leaders said they wont sail with Telugu desam if latter ties up with TRS.

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