Naidu Calls PM a “Puppet”

Naidu Calls PM a "Puppet"

Hyderabad, August 29 (INN): Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu on Thursday demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh for his failure to run the country effective.

Addressing a press conference here, Naidu described the Prime Minister as a “puppet” into the hands of Congress president Sonia Gandhi. He alleged that Dr Singh was not in a position to take decisions on his own and failed to perform his duties as the Prime Minister independently. Describing him as “incompetent”, he said that entire country was pushed into crisis by Congress President Sonia Gandhi who is controlling the government through remote control.

Reacting on the fall of Rupee, Naidu said that despite being an economist, the Prime Minister failed to control both external and internal factors that led to the collapse of currency. Stating that except her surname, Sonia Gandhi had no other qualification to rule the country. He said misadministration and indifferent attitude led to rampant corruption across the country. The situation is so worse that the Prime Minister is unable to take action against his cabinet colleagues who were involved in corruption.

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