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N Deal may be operational before UPA tenure

With the Left parties unrelenting on their opposition to the Indo-US nuclear deal, the government on Tuesday said there was no timeframe to operationalise the agreement but was trying to complete the process.
“It is difficult to indicate any specific time”, External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee told reporters in Chennai, when asked about the fate of the deal in the light of Left parties’ resistance. He said though no timeframe has been specified for the operationalisation of the agreement “we are trying to operationalise it before the end of our government’s tenure”.
The UPA-Left committee will meet soon to discuss the deal, Mukherjee said. There were four stages for operationalisation and the first stage of signing of the agreement was over, he said. Work on the second stage of arriving at an India-specific agreement by International Atomic Energy Agency was on. “We have to get the approval of IAEA board before proceeding on this,” he said.
The next stage would be to frame India-specific guidelines of the Nuclear Supply Group so that the fuel was supplied without any hindrance and the final stage was ratification of the 123 agreement, he said.

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