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Mrs.Jagan Missing her Hubby?

Mrs.Jagan Missing her Hubby?

When Jagan was sent packing to jail sometime back YSRCP party and his family members celebrated as if conquered and regained his kingdom. They were during the time under the impression that Jagan will be in only for sometime and during that time they reaped in great rewards politically.

YSRCP campaigned vigorously alleging that Jagan was sent to jail ilegally and it was vendetta since he dared to take on Cong and Sonia. They even won byelections by huge margins as YS.Jagan tactically bought wife Bharati, sister Sharmila and mother Vijayamma to create sympathy.

But when chances of Jagan coming out of bail reducing, their wait started turning to frustration. This was seen when Mrs.Jagan (Bharati) shouted at CBI DIG why they kept her hubby for such long time and questioned whether he do not have any children. Seems Mrs.Jagan is missing her hubby?

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