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Mentally ill people used as suicide bombers

Mentally ill people used as suicide bombers Counterterrorism Officials of British intelligence service MI5 have claimed that Islamic terrorists are recruiting mentally ill people to carry out suicide attacks,. People with mental disabilities are not only easier to manipulate but also less likely to arouse suspicion and if they are white Muslim converts, they are even less likely to be noticed in Britain, according to them.
According to an MI5 counterterrorism official, the case of Nicky Reilly, who was held over a nailbomb attack last week in Exeter, is one such example. A 22-year-old Muslim convert, Reilly is said to have been suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism. Other security officials claim that Osama bin Laden’s terror network al-Qaeda has exported the tactic of targeting mentally challenged people from Iraq, where disabled “foot soldiers” are being used to devastating effect.
They point to a case in February when a suicide bomber in a wheelchair killed an Iraqi general in Samarra, north of Baghdad. Earlier, two women, initially thought to have Down’s syndrome, acted as couriers for a bomb in Baghdad. Earlier this month, an eight-year-old girl was used as a suicide bomber and the attack killed a commander.

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