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Megastar Mystery tour

Megastar Mystery tourNow media is on mystery tour (dictionary meaning -a short journey, especially with a group of people, to visit places which are kept secret from you until you reach there) in Andhra Pradesh as far as Chiru party affairs and maiden meeting in Tirupathi are concerned.

Though the mega event is just hours away no body either in media or among public or own party members know have any clue of what the name of the party, symbole, who are going to address the gathering along with Chiru, agenda of the party, when Chiru is coming to Tirupathi, where is he staying, whom people should approach if anything happens and a lot questions.

Every thing is mystery.

Once in a while Allu Aravind calls the press people and releases some news in bits and peaces again goes into hibernation.

Not only media and public even their own party men also know nothing about what is happening around them.

P.S; On Monday Aravind told media that once the name of the party is announced all the shows will be public affirms.

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