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Mareppa call Chiranjeevi a coward and drunkard

Mareppa call Chiranjeevi a coward and drunkardThe ugly spat between marketing minister M Mareppa and Chiranjeevi fans is getting murkier by the day. After alleging that Chiranjeevi was selling blood through is Chiranjeevi blood bank, Mareppa now went personal against Chiranjeevi.

Mareppa said that Chiranjeevi was a drunkard and cannot live without a bottle even for one day. He downs a full bottle very day.

Mareppa even went on to allege that Chiranjeevi was a coward and he had no guts to control his family members and also solve his own personal problems.
Chiranjeevi also sold off his ancestral house in Mogalthur said Mareppa. Mareppa advised Chiranjeevi to first help Nandini, wife of his brother Pawan Kalyan who is battling a bigamy case in court.

Mareppa’s fresh comments are likely to trigger a fresh round of protest by Chiranjeevi fans. They had burnt his effigies on Saturday.

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