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Maarpu: Chiranjeevi authorized to take call on PRP merger with Congress

Maarpu: Chiranjeevi authorized to take call on PRP merger with Congress

“CHANGE we can believe in” was the slogan of US president Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008. Praja Rajyam president Chiranjeevi copied it and added social justice to it.

During election campaign Chiranjeevi blamed both the Congress and Telugu Desam Party for under development of the state.

Chiranjeevi’s social justice could not fetch him even 20 seats in the Assembly. His presence only helped the Congress to retain power at the State to some extent in the Centre.

Chiru who indirectly helped the Congress had decided to help it directly now. But that help is not out of charity. For keeping the Congress boat safe, Praja Rajyam would demand a few plum ministerial berths and try to recover whatever possible for the investment made during the elections.

The party has authorized Chiranjeevi to take call on working together with the Congress. Whether it is merger or not will be known in the near future.

It became clear that Chiranjeevi is no saint in politics. Everyone in politics wants power. In Indian politics power is the gateway to riches.

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan had used harsh language against Congress leaders before 2009 general elections. He had asked people to undress Congress leaders (panchalu voodagottandi). What will ‘Tammudu’ say about ‘Annayya’s decision?

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