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KCR to checkmate Naidu in Delhi

KCR to checkmate Naidu in DelhiNot one this time two leaders from the state are making news in the nation’ capital in these fluid political conditions.

In the past Naidu is the only gravitating figure for anti-congress political forces from the south and now KCR is also emerging as competitor to him.

Unlike Naidu who is longing for left support and panning the BJP, KCR is open to any political party and has no any ideological enemies and friends. This is opening the gates for various political parties particularly BJP to start negotiations with him for future tie up. And more over KCR can play political games more shrewdly than Naidu; it is evident when he declared Mayawathi ‘candidature for Prime ministerial position checkmating Naidu even to think of that if at all the third front gets a chance to form.

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