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KCR’s Speech on 1’ State Formation Day and his Distinct Achievements

KCR’s Speech on 1’ State Formation Day and his Distinct Achievements

Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) has been one of the most popular leaders in the real forefront of the Telangana cause, which did see a lot of political and social struggle since the past 60 years. His political party the Telangana Rashtra Smithi did actually achieve statehood in association with the participation of a huge number of citizens. On the occasion of the first formation day of Telangana on June 2’, let’s take a brief look at his address to the state and a glimpse into his history.

The first Chief Minister of Telangana did pay the preliminary homage to the Martyr’s memorial at Gun Park and had attended the celebrations at Parade Grounds today. Speaking on the occasion, Mr Rao announced the construction of about 50,000 double bedroom flats for the underprivileged at a cost of 2500 Crores within this year in the initial phase of the project, along with the beginning of the Palamuru project with an initial budget of 35,000 Crores. He also announced the regularization of contract workers, along with the release of employment notification by July, apart from many other development notifications in both short and long term proposals, including 24/7 power in a few years, improved irrigation and water facilities, pending projects amongst others.

KCR’s biggest contribution to Telangana would be in his almost single handed acumen in achieving the state in almost impossible circumstances and a hostile administration, along with a seemingly directionless UPA government in the center. The biggest test that his administration passed during first year of ruling was the stabilization of the economic growth of Hyderabad, which was very crucial to the development of the state. We had leading IT firms like Google, Microsoft etc planning some of their biggest campus facilities in Hyderabad, along with a host of other companies signing MOU’s with the state government. These developments, along with the strong financial position of the state (2’ in India) would give him the support and confidence to stabilize and optimize the governance in the new state.

One noteworthy and visible improvement in Hyderabad has been the improved and efficient policing and law and order system, with SHE teams, cordon and search operations along with crackdown on terrorists and illegal occupants giving citizens a sense of security at all times. The power and water crisis has been managed to the extent possible without a major impact as seen in recent times, and the state is slowly moving to a better and visible path of development. These developments give citizens and investors the necessary confidence in governance, which forms the very basis for public and private participation in development.

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