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Jyothirmayi murder case takes a new turn

The UK police has charged Nalluri Nagaraju Kumar with the murder of Vijayawada girl Vempala Samrajya Jyothirmayi in Birmingham last week. However, common friends of the two claims that Nagaraju is innocent. The motive is still a mystery.

In an interview to a TV channel in Birmingham on Saturday, Kiran, a common friend who hails from Vijayawada and is a senior student at Wolverhampton University, said that he knew the two since their Vijayawada days and insisted that Nagaraju did not commit the murder. He also said that he wasn’t aware of any love affair between the two.
Kiran, who was the first to inform Jyothirmayi’s parents, said he had allowed Nagaraju and Jyothirmayi to share the apartment only because they too were from Andhra Pradesh. They had moved in five months ago.

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