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Jyothirmayi cadaver to reach Vijayawada

Jyothirmayi cadaver to reach Vijayawada According to reports, the body of Vempala Samrajya Jyothirmayi, will reach Hyderabad at 1.30 am on Saturday, from where it would be taken to her home in Vijayawada. Her family is planning to cremate her at the Swarga Puri burial ground.
The coroner’s court in Birmingham, UK, released the cadaver of the Indian medical student, who was allegedly murdered by her roommate, Nagraj, on May 6. Two post-mortem examinations have been carried out on Jyothirmayi’s body so far. The first one by the police established that she died from head injuries and the second one was carried out for the defense.
Meanwhile, Nagraj will be in police custody till July 25. His lawyers have not filed a bail application as yet. The inquest into the murder of Jyothirmayi has also not started as yet.

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