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Justice Srikrishna Committee to give multiple options

Justice Srikrishna Committee to give multiple options

The Justice Srikrishna Committee is reported to have enlisted multiple options along with the pros and cons of bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, a united state or making Hyderabad a Union territory, among others.

The committee, which is all set to submit its report to the Union home ministry by December 31, is believed to be not taking a decisive view on the Telangana issue. However, the committe is suggesting that a quick solution to the problem is necessary in the interest of the progress of the state.

Once the committee submits is report, the Union Government is expected to move tactfully to come up with a political consensus to provide relief to all sections of people in the state.

The report is believed to have highlighted the sharp polarisation of views between people belonging to Telangana who are demanding a state, and Rayalseema and Andhra who want a united state.

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