Justice Srikrishna committee public notice on Feb 20

Justice Srikrishna committee public notice on Feb 20

The justice BN Srikrishna committee on the demands for Telangana and united AP will issue a public notice on February 20 seeking suggestions and views from public, political parties and outfits on the separate statehood issue as part of the consultation process.

Vinod K Duggal, former home secretary and member-secretary of the committee, said the public notice will be issued in English newspapers in New Delhi, all Telugu, English, Urdu and Hindi newspapers in Andhra Pradesh. The stake holders can submit their representations to the committee on or before March 20.

He will arrive in Hyderabad on February 21 to have discussions with the Andhra Pradesh Governor and Chief Minister.

Justice Srikrishna and the other four members of the committee are likely to travel to Hyderabad next month to hold discussions with political parties and leaders of organisations for and against Telangana.

14 Responses to “Justice Srikrishna committee public notice on Feb 20”

  1. S.V.Raman says:

    We do not want Telangana.

  2. RamReddy says:

    mr.S.V.Ramana didnot tell the reason , why he do not want telengana.

  3. Ramaiah Chukka says:

    Weather The demand for seperate telengana state is justified or the demand for united andhra is justified.
    Pl judge with FACTS ,but not with the consent of anybody.

  4. Vinodh says:

    Sir ,
    Please understand the consequences if the state andhrapradesh was splited . I agree there are backward areas in Telanga region but separation is not the only solution and separation itself cannot make miracles in development as the same old so called politicians will rule this region . Politicians and few Media people are exploiting innocent students and public for their own advantage . By the way I am from Warangle : dasara palli near narsammpet . but i support for United Andhra Pradesh .

  5. YesForT says:

    My Dear Telangana people, pleaase write your true opinion on Telangana issue to the Justice Srikrishna Committee by sending an email to.


    before 20th of March

    Jai Telangana

  6. Lakshman Prasad says:

    1. Why Leaders need Telangana?

    Sir,Other than political game is there any reason to have Telangana as a separate state.The leaders of Telangana are telling that it is a backward area.Who did this?Only Leaders.Why didn’t concentrate on development rather than concentrating on separation issue.They are telling that they are fighting since 1953.After 1953 how many leaders have become Chief Ministers & Ministers.P.V.Narasimha Rao was the first Prime minister of India who came from Telangana region.In recent clips which have been shown in News channels ,Mr.KCR was anti with 620 G.O.The leaders of Telangana are facing Unemployment in Politics.When ever they have this type of Unemployment ,they starting Telangana issue.

    The only foolish thing , the Telangana People are doing that they are following the corrupted leaders voice and they are loosing their valuable time,money and relationship.
    Hence I request you not to divide United Andhra Pradesh.

    2. Why Government has established all Public Sectors/Govt.Organizations in Hyderabad?

    Sir, if this separate Telangana issue is burning since 1953 why the Govt. of India/Govt. of Andhra Pradesh have not taken any action to distribute the establishment of Central Govt.Organizations/State Govt.Organizations/Private Sectors in other places of Andhra Pradesh to make a common growth of State. They are not much sincere about the prosperity of Andhra Pradesh people. Due to one side policies of Government, the people of Andhra Pradesh have no option than coming and working in Hyderabad & surroundings. No option has left to us to do work for Hours together to feed our families.We dedicated our human relations and butter & blood to get our self to live.First our parents dedicated their life and properties to educate us.After completion of Education,Government has not left any option for us other than coming to Hyderabad and work in Hyderabad.
    Recently,in BHEL(Government Organization) established in Hyderabad long back. Due to recent revolutions for separate Telangana , one of BHEL employee attempted suicide and died.Some people entered in BHEL and started agitation for local recruitment and the organization has postponed the recruitment.How far is good? As per our Knowledge, recruitment will be based on conducting test al over India. If this government starts of recruitment for local then what about the people of other districts of Andhra Pradesh. Shall we remain with unemployment?

    If the people seeks any employment in the organizations , they have to go through their formalities.If they are having talents let come prove themselves.But don’t comment that the other region of Andhra Pradesh are looting their jobs.They are having their own skills.Recently, Mr. Harish Rao, leader of TRS has commented that there is Civil Services man from Telangana region.This is the uppermost uncivilized manner to express their opinion and spoiling the Students attitude.These people will be recruited by central Government Organization where merit is the primary standard.
    Hence I request you not to divide United Andhra Pradesh.

    3. Doubts about resources?

    Sir, State of Andhra Pradesh is having two major rivers – Krishna & Godavari. River Krishna crosses two states before entering to Andhra Pradesh – Maharatra & Karnataka.Other River comes from Maharastra state. Every body is aware of recent developments happened in Maharastra & karnataka.They are constructing lot of Minor & Major Projects on these rivers.Due to these projects people of Andhra Pradesh are not getting enough Water for irrigation & for other utilities.If this United Andhra Pradesh has divided into two states again another state will start their own projects which gives nothing only death to the farmers who are lying at tail ends.Till day there is no ambiguity solution about the distribution of Water between these states and another one will be added if Andhra Pradesh separates.

    The maximum amount of Andhra Pradesh has been invested on development of Hyderabad & Surroundings to make a fame of Second Capital of Country.
    Hence I request you not to divide United Andhra Pradesh.

    4.Development of Telangana Districts

    Sir, regarding development of Andhra Pradesh, Leaders of Telangana region are telling that the total area was undeveloped. If they are thinking that other regions are developed rather than their region is a foolishness of them.
    The people of Uttharandra region,the people of migrating from their places to other states and countries like how the people of Palamour district People are migrating.If the people are effected due to drinking water in Nalgonda district in Telangana region, the same problems are there in Prakasam district.If these leaders are having courtesy on people problems ,the worst effected area is Rayalaseema which was under the fascism for long period.Please try to make fights for these people.In recent flood affected areas,the people of whole Andhra Pradesh has donated to rescue the people and donated flood relief funds. Is it possible if these leaders divide the state without any mercy on them.The most effected Areas/People for every year is the lower part of Krishna & Godavari river.Every year they use to get floods which spoils their fields.
    Hence I request you not to divide United Andhra Pradesh.

    5.Political uncertainity

    Sir, If this State of Andhra Pradesh has divided into two parts,definitely their will be a political uncertainty like Jarkhan.Because there are several political parties are their in this state. If you don’t feel there is a proverb in Telugu” If people are more at lunch the buttermilk will become thin means more water will be added and it will be vise verse.”If political parties are more the seats will be distributed to all what is happening in Jarkhand the same.The it effects the development of the state.
    Hence I request you not to divide United Andhra Pradesh.

    6.Security Problems

    Sir, People of Andhra Pradesh has experienced with Naxal,Terrorists & other communal problems. Basically, Naxals problem was started in Telangana region & Uttarandhra region. Now it has been spread to all over state. Now due to recent policies adopted by State & Central Governments,It has been controlled. If this state has been divide into two states , definitely this Telangana region will become Naxals residence to stay.Recent conditions in Chasthisgarh,Jarkhand.
    Hence I request you not to divide United Andhra Pradesh.

    Sir,by above reasons if State of Andhra Pradesh has been divided into two states, we have to be ready to face the following consequences.

    1.Frequent Political Crisis

    2.Injustice to the farmers

    3.Injustice to the Undeveloped Districts

    4.Security Problems

    5.Improvement of Unemployment due to local problems in Hyderabad.

    6.Long duration for devloping the other districts

    Hence, this is my humble request to your goodself not to divided United Andhra Pradesh for an agitation raised by political leaders for thier own ambitions & goals.

  7. RAJASEKHAR says:

    Respected Sir,
    Please Save Andhra Pradesh from Selfish Polticians specially from Telaganga. Beacuse they are misguiding the Telangana People. The State is living together for last 54 years. These Telangana Polticians spoiling the healthy relationship between Telangana, Ralayaseema and Kostha Andhra People. Please dont divide our Andhra Pradesh. The People from Kostha Andhra, Rayalaseema and Telangana Want to leave together forever. But some selfish Politicians want to divide the state for for their selfishness. Please Save Our State. Please don’t Divide Our State.
    Waiting for your favouarble reply…

    Yours Faithfully,

  8. ABHISHEK says:


  9. mahi says:

    sir,pl under our telangana people struggles and please co-operate to separate telangana by justify the facts about our demands

  10. gopi.n says:

    separation of telanagana is required to develop telagan in united andra it was not developed ,telanagana younsters willget jobs we can bring eqaulity,construion new dams telanagana willbe green with crops,which was not happened in united andra as wellas even 1degree colege is not their in rangareddy but inandhrait is many colleges are their andhra&rayalaseema politicians have properies and business in telagana that’s why they not giving support to telanagana but lot of poor&uneducated people who are in telagana want telagana please without any neccesity peole will not start revolution ,theywill not attemt suicide in maxium peole way living is very cost compare to telanagana please obseve that as well as they dominating ,not allowing in development we want telanagana

  11. yuvanayak.t.mallikarjuna says:


  12. babyramya says:

    thanks for asking my comment
    respected sir
    what do they do if we give telangan, this is only the purpose of kcr . if we give telangana then kcr becomes the cm again as he asking telangana for his pusonal use and for making money . so if we give telangana the people their also suffer because of if. i think that u take a write decision for our better united andhra pradesh

  13. divya says:

    respected sir & other people

    I would like to ask everyone people are giving their lives for seperate telangan has any politician died yet or did anyone realize what would happen after the separation no I don’t think anyone is able to see the future problems will be solved only for those who are rich the working class & labor class would suffer it badly please for heaven sake no to separate region as India is known for its unity don’t spoil the name with such things let all of them live in peace

  14. pooja says:

    sir please don’t separate the AP.we want united AP. Even I belong to the Hyderabad, but it doesn’t mean that we want telangana. Everybody knows hyd,warangal etc., places comes under telangana, it is just a political game where innocent students also involved and they are spoiling there careers by bycoting the classes and exams. once if we say we belong to AP means everybody used to give respect but know everybody is saying that in your everytime only fighting will be there for telegana. If they are really a political leader they should not talk about dividing the state but they should talk about how should decrease the prices which have been increased because they are fighting for telegana just because the only reason they are saying is they are more places which are underdeveloped, then how can they live with this increased priceses. so please sir we don’t want to separate our state.