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Justice Srikrishna Committee asks searching questions

Justice Srikrishna Committee asks searching questions

Members of the Justice Srikrishna Committee surprised the representatives of various organisations and groups by asking searching questions on their strong views in favour of separate Telangana or against it.

When the groups supporting Telangana met them, the Committee members asked whether remedies to problems they had were not sufficient and whether there was necessity for division of the State. Similarly, the organisations that spoke in support of united Andhra Pradesh were probed with posers about the reasons for their opposition to division of the State.

Member secretary of the committee V.K. Duggal and members Abu Saleh Shariff and Ravinder Kaur asked the delegation why they had been keeping quiet all these years when the Presidential Order and other laws and orders were in place to safeguard their interests.

Telangana Gazetted Officers’ Association (TGOA) and Osmania University Joint Action Committee (JAC) have represented their views to the committee.

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