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Jharkhand Governor’s Horses for Courses

Jharkhand Governor's Horses for Courses

Everybody condemns horse trading in politics.When somebody changes his Party affiliation to jump into another Party, automatically everybody cries “foul” and says it is a case of horse trading. No one believes that it is a case of genuine attraction for the other Party and its agenda, principles, etc.

The other day Jarkhand Mukti Morcha withdrew its support to the Ruling Party in that State. The reason trotted out was that the leading Party did not honou its understanding arrived at at the time of formation of the Government. Whatever the correctness or otherwise of the claim, the fact remains that the Chief Minister had to concede that he no longer had the majority, and submitted his resignation. The Governor is reported to have recommended Prseident’s Rule with the Assembly kept in suspended animation.

What is the reason for keeping the Assembly alive? The hope expressed is that the Parties may cobble up a coalition. Is it not HORSE TRADING on a grand scale? Perhaps the horses would be snapped up in droves . What it boils down to is that it is encouraged for Horses to be Bought in Droves; buying individual Horses is anathema and is abhorred

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