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Jayashankar for unified action

Jayashankar for unified actionTelengana ideologue jayashanker advised all splinter groups of telangana to lead a unified war against Andhra leaders to achieve separate state hood for the region. On the occasion of telengana sadhana samithi intellectual congress Prof; jayashanker spoke at length the need to achieve statehood for Telengana region and how over the decades leaders from Andhra region suppressed their justified demand. He did not even omitted NTR in his diatribe against Andhra leaders, accusing NTR of insulting region’ Culture and Chandrababu for taking insult to the zenith he declared the duo as region’ main enemies compared to congress leaders.

He chronicled out statistics to support his arguments and praised the Devendera Goud for championing the cause of telengana even when he was in telgugudesam.

He said without TRS alliance in 2004 general elections the congress would not have made it to the power in the state.

Though his speech ran in a leveling voice jayashanker set off another intense debate for the media.

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