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Jats want OBC status in Haryana

Jats want OBC status in Haryana A conglomeration of 28 organisations of Jats from all over the country on Wednesday, June 2, demanded inclusion of the community in the OBC category and promised Gandhiwadi ways to achieve their ”just demands”.

Addressing the media, former Calcutta High Court chief justice D S Tevtiya, who is also the president of the newly formed Jat Aarakshan Sangh Samiti, said the Gurnam Singh Commission report had listed Jats below the Sainis, Ahirs and Tyagis in status in the OBC list, and yet we have been deprived of the reservation benefit.

”When Jats have been included into the OBC category in five states — Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi — why can’t the Haryana government include us?” asked Tevtiya.
Stating that Jats comprised 30 per cent of Haryana population, which affected 30-33 seats of the state Assembly’s total 90 seats, the former Chief Justice emphasised that the community would vote only for that party which promised reservation to them.

Demanding that the community be included in the reserved category in Haryana as well as in the Union government list, the JASS leader said only democratic means would be used to attain the objective.

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