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Jagga Reddy Writes to Sonia Against Telangana

Jagga Reddy Writes to Sonia Against Telangana

Hyderabad, July 25 (INN): Government Whip Turupu Jayaprakash Reddy alias Jagga Reddy on Thursday demanded a special financial package for Telangana region.

Talking to reporters in the Assembly premises, Jagga Reddy said that he had written a letter to Congress president Sonia Gandhi asking her not to accept the demand for formation of Telangana. He said that Telangana was more a political demand than the public demand. He said that the Telangana region would lose heavily in the longer run if it was awarded statehood.

Instead, Jagga Reddy demanded that the Centre should consider giving a special package for the region. He said adequate measures should be taken to provide sufficient water for driking and irrigation in the Telangana region. Further, the Telangana youth should be provide better education and employment opportunities. He also demanded that Pranahita Chevella be declared as National Project and the Centre announce a special package with Rs 25,000 crore to develop chain-linked tanks, PR Tanks (Kuntas), MI Tanks and check-dams in Telangana area.

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