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Jagan’s party to invoke Telugu pride

Jagan's party to invoke Telugu pride

The new party to be floated by YS Jaganmohan Reddy will not have the word Congress in its name. It will be simply called YSR party. Its flag will also not have the tricolour. A Jagan follower says that in YSR, Y stands for Youth, S for Social transformation and R for Ryots. The new name will point to a new phase of anti-Congress politics in the state, according to Jagan’s supporters.

Anti-Congress, YSR legacy and Telugu pride will be the three main planks of the new regional party. Telugu pride is to be invoked to highlight the dictatorial attitude of Sonia Gandhi and the AICC.

Jagan’s party aims to attract the anti-Congress votes from other opposition parties in the state along with Congress votes by invoking YSR’s name.

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