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Jagan dons NTR’s armour

Jagan dons NTR's armour

Hyderabad, Dec 20 : The coincidences are too glaring for the avid political watchers to miss, with former Kadapa MP YS Jaganmohan Reddy seemingly appearing to don the armour of former chief minister NT Rama Rao.

The political scenario which prevailed prior to TDP founder and president NTR began his maiden entry into politics, seems to have been revived these days with the ‘unrest’ against the Congress party making its inroads.

With the Kadapa leader and former MP determined to form his own government in Andhra Pradesh, the more or less cornered Congress High Command has been left quite worried on how to stem the discontent among its party ranks, including Ministers.

Prior to NTR, four chief ministers ruled the state, one after the other just lasting about a year in office, courtesy the High Command. So too since 2004, three chief minsters have been changed so far, even when the Congress had no serious issue and much less any dissent within its ranks.

By contrast and comparison, both NTR and Mr Jaganmohan Reddy or YSJ, by a strange coincidence, was and is seriously opposed to the Congress party, and amazingly, both their agenda and planks are almost similar.

Just like the time when NTR made his entry into politics, the Congress High Command finds itself more or less at crossroads with so much strife in the rank and file.

The comparison as far as the political situation may be quite similar, but not the comparison between the two leaders.

NTR was a political novice. Not so YSJ, who has the backing of extremely committed band of Legislators with considerable following, besides the Gali brothers waiting in the wings to support him.

This apart, unlike NTR, YSJ had at his command energies and finance. The only choice, seemingly, he has to make is whether to move the right pawn on the chessboard for a blood less coup or prepare for 2014.

How YSJ envisages his energies and harps on next move matters much. But his men applying pressure on Legislators and leaders in the districts recently to switch sides is interesting. These moves of course made the ruling party jittery.

On the other hand, this ‘move’ also sandwiched the district leaders in the unenviable position of leaving them to decide to go where exactly.

If the same trend continues – groundswell against the Congress Legislators, YSJ is rather getting nearer to the ‘Chair’ to consummate his obsession.

The Congress’s experience attempting to rule from Delhi was a failure even during former prime minister late Indira Gandhi’s regime.

As things stand, the announced 48-hour mass hunger strike by YSJ and his supporters in favour of the distressed and dissatisfied farmers is most likely to serve his purpose of sending the Congress into jitters, especially since the Congress in no mood to alter their package for farmers hit by floods.

For the Congress, the problems it will have to overcome are mounting. The TDP Supremo on one side, YSJ on another and the Srikrishna Panel’s report coupled with TRS avowed plans – all put together may result in instability.

With the foe in full swing, the High Command will yield to what type of scenario is not difficult to guess.

KKR or YSJ or Naidu – who will live to tell the tale of Governance in this volatile situation is under focus.

Who plays the cards well is the winner. Being a fresh entrant in politics, NTR played his cards openly and was well articulated.

Will Jagan don the armour of NTR? His followers are expecting him not to transgress and play his role well for positive results.

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