Jagan-as-CM: MLAs threaten to resign

Jagan-as-CM: MLAs threaten to resign

Jagan-as-CM: MLAs threaten to resign

The momentum of Jagan-as-CM of Andhra Pradesh picked up fast pace with Congress MLAs from different districts threatening to resign from the Assembly.
Konda Surekha, Minister for Women and Welfare, stated that she would quit if YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is not appointed as CM.

MLAs C. Adinarayana Reddy (Jammalamadugu), G. Srikanth Reddy (Rayachoti), P. Mary Kamalamma (Badvel) and K. Srinivasulu (Kodur) said they would resign if Jagan is not elected as CM in the CLP.
MLAs A. Amarnath Reddy (Rajampet) and M. Kavitha (Mahabubabad) also said they would resign if Jagan is not appointed as CM.

Y. Venkateshwara Reddy, Congress MLA from Sattenapalli sent in his resignation letter to the APCC president expressing his displeasure in not convening a meeting of the CLP to pay homage to the late YS Rajasekhara Reddy.

2 Responses to “Jagan-as-CM: MLAs threaten to resign”

  1. rkreddy says:

    Shame, The elected goondas of congres party wanted another son of sadam to loot ,remaining pennies.

    Family rules, Psychophants in a begggers state.

    Only our reddys should rule, another cancer in indias castism.

    Why1jagan, Give one good reason about this junior gatti,he is a thug, murderer, heartless beast, Stole 80,000 crorers belong to people.,

    he should be hanged like sadam hussain.

    You Pigs,

    Shame to call democracy.

  2. rkreddy says:

    I agree sir ,supporters of this animal are looters, they are not interested about people or poor.

    after floods, poor are inhell not andhrs, at least we have honest cm, rossiah garu,

    You think only reddys can rule, look history, thety are cruel, chenna reddy, all stole what money can build roads, etc.
    i must agree, this jaga is an mafia king,

    like father he gets his last.