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Jagan’s party to meet same fate of Chiru’s PRP?

Jagan’s party to meet same fate of Chiru’s PRP?

Taking inspiration from South film stars who made mark in politics, Chiranjeevi entered politics with a bang. There was so much media interest even before Chiranjeevi’s actual entry into Andhra Pradesh politics.

Chiranjeevi’s social justice did not cut ice with voters in the elections. Praja Rajyam Party has boasted its social justice agenda by giving tickets of backward classes in excess of 100. Out of these 100 plus candidates from backward classes only one person elected.

When Chiranjeevi entered politics, Telangana sentiment was not as strong as it is now. Chiranjeevi did not show his opposition to Telangana statehood prior to elections.

Jaganmohan Reddy’s story is different. Jagan expressed his opposition to separate Telangana by showing placards in the parliament along with Telugu Desam Party MPs.

It is not easy for Jagan to get support from Telangana voters. There are a few leaders in Telangana region who are supporting Jagan like former minister Konda Surekha, Gone Prakash Rao, former MLA Bajireddy Goverdhan Reddy, former MLC Rahman.

In the present situation, Jagan can only support separate Telangana statehood. It is not clear whether Jagan will support Telangana statehood or not.

If Jagan follows the policy of Chandrababu Naidu it won’t help him in any way. Jagan has to come clear on Telangana issue.

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