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Shock Again-New 7.3 Earthquake in Nepal

Shock Again-New 7.3 Earthquake in Nepal

In a tragic addition to the recent earthquake in Nepal a few weeks back, the region had a new quake measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale today around noontime. Earliest estimates put the death toll to 39, with hundreds being injured. Nepal is still recovering from the deadly earthquake it just had, and with relief and rehabilitation operations being still in progress, the new earthquake would definitely cause a new tragedy to bear with. The earthquake was also felt in parts of north India around early afternoon, and parts of Delhi, Bihar and surrounding areas did have tremors for about a minute-with people running from their homes and offices (With 3 deaths being reported from India as of now). The earthquake did originate near the Mount Everest- across nearby areas of Kathmandu and initial reports do reports damage to buildings and residential locations. Our readers would recollect that the tragic earthquake in Nepal two weeks back did cause more than 8,000 deaths and this new earthquake-though of a lesser impact, would certainly disturb the rehabilitation operations in that area, apart from causing panic and insecurity among citizens and aid workers

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