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Integrated Space Cell to counter Chinese threats

Integrated Space Cell to counter Chinese threats India on Tuesday announced the setting up of its Integrated Space Cell (ISC), in view of the looming Chinese threat to its communication network and other space assets, The cell is designed to counter the Chinese Military Space Systems that comprises anti-satellite weaponry and a new class of heavy-lift and small boosters acting as catalyst in the next generation satellite warfare system.

The Space Cell will be put under the command of the Integrated Defence Services Headquarters and will act as a single window for integration among the armed forces, the department of space and the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

A Defence Informatics Centre (DIC) is being set up on the lines of the National Informatics Centre. A dedicated system, it will cater to the e-governance needs of the armed forces, the defence ministry and other associated organizations. The DIC would be designed in a manner where it would be difficult for outside forces to penetrate and cripple the network. This would help completely insulate India’s military communication network.

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