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Indian Army ready for digital battle

Indian Army army-headquarters - delhiThe famed Indian Army is not just content with guarding the borders or battling militants or training for blitzkrieg battles or playing the usual war games. Facing the imminent threat of mounting attacks in the virtual world, the Indian Army is now gearing up for battles in the digital battlefield. General Deepak Kapoor decided to boost the cyber-security of its information networks right down to the level of divisional field formations with over 15,000 troops.

Apart from creating cyber-security organisations to guard against cyber warfare and data thefts, the Army top brass has also underlined the urgent need for periodic cyber-security audits by the Army Cyber Security Establishment (ACSE).

By crippling or destroying an adversary’s economic, communication and strategic networks and infrastructure, cyber-warfare can even prove more deadly than ballistic missile strikes. It can, for instance, be in the form of denial-of-service cyber-attacks and paralysing computer viruses.
The tri-service integrated defence staff, on its part, has also come out with an information warfare doctrine..

Even as the armed forces take some strides forward on the infotech superhighway, the need to protect their own systems from cyber-attacks of hostile forces is increasingly being felt.

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