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Indian-Americans in Obama campaign team

Hari Sevugan, Indian-American lawyer-turned communication professional, has been roped in by the Barack Obama campaign to handle the media relations as the race for White House enters the final phase.

The son of Indian-American immigrants, Sevugan graduated from the University of Illinois, majoring in political science and finance. He is working as the senior spokesman of the presumptive Democrat nominee, reporting to Robert Gibbs, the Communications Director of the campaign.

The appointment came two months ago, at the height of the campaign clash with Senator Hillary Clinton and Sevugan wasted no time in going after the New York Democrat in the defence of his boss. After Obama emerged as the likely party nominee, he has since started training his guns on Republican rival John McCain on domestic and foreign policy issues.
In addition to Sevugan, the Obama team also recently added Anita Dunn to its communications team. Dunn is expected to work on larger strategic issues of the campaign as well as be a key member of long-term planning.

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