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India to produce Missile Warning System

India to produce Missile Warning System The Hyderabad based Defence Research &Development Organisation(DRDO) and European defence consortium EADS have successfully developed an advanced missile warning system and will start its serial production soon.
Announcing this during the ongoing Berlin Air Show, the Netherlands-based EADS said it looked at India as a manufacturing hub from where the technology could be exported to other interested countries.
The system developed by EADS and the Defence Avionics Research Establishment (DARE) of DRDO has passed extensive flight trials successfully, paving the way for equipping several hundred rotary wing and wide-bodied aircraft of the Indian armed forces, the consortium said.
The missile warning system, based on Missile Launch Detection System (MILDS), was tested on board an Indian Air Force test platform and was found perfect on all counts, detection probability, accuracy, false alarm and reliability.

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